10 Dream Destinations for Your Honeymoon

Europe May 03, 2021


Considered to be the smallest state in Asia, both in terms of area and population, the Republic of Maldives will blow your mind. The 26 atolls of the archipelago form a territory that contains about 1190 islands, of which on 250 you can enjoy the mesmerising life on an island and its beach. The coasts with white sandy beaches bathed by the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, the lush vegetation and the luxury resorts offer to the most demanding tourists the maximum satisfaction.

No wonder why 50% of those coming to these lands are on their honeymoon! This exclusivist destination is pretty pricy, the plane ticket starting from 500 euros from Europe and that with a lot of good luck. As for the stay, what can I say? How many stars, so many whims, money to match!

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I could say that this destination will never go out of style and that you can choose it either for your honeymoon, either for the holidays, or for a pampering vacation. 4 to 6 flying hours away from Europe, with flights starting from 100 euros round trip if you take care of your plane tickets in advance, Dubai will surely overwhelm you.

The view from the Burj Khalifa tower over the beautiful city will take your breath away. The beach near the famous Burj Al Arab will delight you. Dinner among the fish in the Atlantis Hotel will enchant you and the ride on Dubai Marina with a modern yacht or just a traditional boat will make you really dizzy.

If before going to bed you will watch the singing fountains at Dubai Mall then everything will be ready for a perfect night. The costs are not excessively high, you can find accommodation for all tastes and pockets. Even a room at the Burj al Arab can be accessed with a little planning in advance.

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In the heart of Indonesia, the island of Bali will welcome you, bride and groom, with a "Fragipani flower" smile and the smell of scented chopsticks. Flowers, fruits, temples, endless pools, insane sunsets, romantic dinners, stunning beaches and turmoil among corals and colourful fish, are all at your fingertips on the island that is loved by Hindu gods and all mortals around the world.

If you ask me here you can have the perfect stay after your wedding, if you love Asia. Although the plane will cost you between 500 and 600 euros from Europe, the rest will not ruin you, leaving something small in your wallet even after the euphoria of the honeymoon will pass!

Photo by Cassie Gallegos / Unsplash


Everybody is dreaming of the remote islands of the Caribbean. But how can you not dream of Cuba, first and foremost, of the mirage of an endangered era? And of the exotic beaches of Aruba or Barbados with fine white sands and nothing to do but only what you really want? But what about dreaming of Jamaica? Of mountains and rivers and endless beaches and lush vegetation and adult-only resorts?

Exclusive resorts start at $ 200 per person per day, but pamper yourself with everything. A more affordable place is Dominican Republic, which entices you with more decent prices but also higher wear! Guadeloupe or Martinique are also on the list, especially since there are European companies that offer flights to take you there and with 500 euros round trip if you are lucky. A much better option can be a cruise that includes a night or two on all the islands mentioned. It's up to you how adventurous you want to be on your honeymoon!

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Exclusive and elegant, easily accessible from Naples, the island of Capri will make you feel that you have reached the heavens. Its dreamy landscapes, cobbled streets with colourful flowers entangled around famous villas, luxury hotels and the history of this place loved by the rich of ancient Rome and the rich of today's world, Capri will delight you with its stories and beauty.

You can visit the upper town of Anacapri or you can discover the wonderful Blue Grotto or you can walk shyly among the Roman remains. You can also just enjoy its simple beauty, by sitting on a sunny terrace and enjoy a Caprese salad with a Limoncello made from the best lemons on the Amalfi Coast and then cool off in coves hidden behind the white rocks of the island. Every day spent in Capri will be like a whole honeymoon stay but it will make you pay seriously, so be careful who you invite to the wedding!

The beautiful beach of Positano, Italy
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A piece of land of almost 30 square km in French Polynesia, over seas and lands, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Hard and expensive to get there is compensated by an incredible experience that will mark your life and raise your travel standard and hardly anything else will satisfy you later.

Not only you will stay in fabulous locations where sunrises are just continuations of sunsets, but you be able to have your own places where no one can find you. Also you will be able to venture under the coral wall and have the chance to feed the sharks - well, don't be scared, you won't be food! - and you will do some scuba diving games in some of the clearest and most unpolluted waters on this Earth.

Bora Bora - French Polynesia
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With its narrow streets, white houses and blue towers, the gorgeous Mediterranean at your feet and indescribable sunsets, Santorini is almost the perfect choice for your honeymoon. Santorini ha wonderful stories to tell and I think you don't need any more arguments to convince you to put this island on your list.

The budget depends on the hotel stars and the chosen period, of course, but the advantages are innumerable: easy to access form Europe, convenient transport if we take into account the low cost companies operating to Santorini, fabulous accommodation at affordable prices, wonderful Greek cuisine. Well, yes, the kitchen is an argument too! Did you forget that love goes through the stomach?

Sunset overlooking the Imerovigli village in Santorini.
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The land of the smile awaits you with white sandy beaches, with sweet-smelling oily and fragrant pampering, with fabulous temples, with crazy dances and food, islands where you can get lost in time and space without being interested in the rest of the world. Thailand has been in the top list of many people's favourite destinations for several years, so the secret of a successful stay is by far the choice of location and period.

I suggest that, for such a special occasion as the honeymoon, you move away from the crowded places and hide in an island like Koh Yao Yai or Koh Tao. Of course, neither Koh Samui nor Similan are to be neglected.

A spot of paradise
Photo by Sara Dubler / Unsplash

Palma de Mallorca

I admit, I am biased with this destination because I adore it but also because I wanted to bring into discussion a destination much more accessible in terms of money and time. To this beautiful balearic island you can get a low cost flight directly almost from any European cities. You can choose to go from April to November without fear that you won't be able to go to the beach.

You will find exclusive resorts that will pamper you with everything you want or you can stay in apartments rented for tourism. You can laze on the sand for hours, and be interrupted only by an invigorating swim in the gentle Mediterranean, and you can also make beautiful routes on this island that offers you everything without reservations.

You can go home with some great pearls from the famous Majorica factory with which you will have the sympathy of your mother-in-law for life! As for money, so to speak: 3 months of honeymoon in Mallorca match a month in Bora-Bora!

Palma De Mallorca Majorca Majorica Balearic Island landscape sea view beach Azure Blue water sand Summer holidays summer vacation journey with blue sky
Photo by Eugene Zhyvchik / Unsplash


It was impossible not to add the City of Love to the list of destinations for loving purposes, right? Paris will always remain a great destination for those in love and beyond. The great advantage is that in the city you can have a stay with everything: romantic walks, fabulous dinners, controversial history but also museums and famous places.

You can also spend your money, if any left, through the shops of the famous Champs Elisse boulevard! And if you are feeling adventurous, what better choice than a visit to the romantic castles in the Loire Valley, with their love and war stories?

Photo by Nikolay Kovalenko | Colin Viessmann / Unsplash

I would be happy if what I suggested will help you and also trigger you to use this information when you are making plans for your honeymoon or even silver/gold marriage anniversaries.


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