5 Best Places to Visit in Portugal

Europe Mar 12, 2021

With a beautiful landscape, a unique culture and a rhythm of life that is calling you, Portugal is an ideal destination for those looking for romance, adventure or relaxation. With the possibility of crossing the country in only one day, starting from the north that offers a kaleidoscope of gorgeous landscapes and continuing along the coast to the sunny south, Portugal can offer you a multitude of holiday opportunities and will give you exactly what you are searching for:


Immersed in the light of the Atlantic, crowned by the castle of São Jorge and stretching over seven hills, Lisbon is one of the most striking visually capitals of Europe, a city where modern and classic combine in a spectacular way.

Here you will find many attractions, from famous historic district of Belem until Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whom construction began in 1501. The monument has a unique architecture, Manueline style, an amalgam of styles, from the Gothic and Renaissance to styles brought by explorers from outside Europe. You can also visit Bairro Alto, the central area of ​​Lisbon, known for its various shopping options, but also for nightlife, as well as Gare do Oriente, an architectural marvel of glass and steel.


Located 190 km north of Lisbon, Coimbra was the capital of Portugal in the 12-13th centuries and is the third most important city after Lisbon and Porto. The city has an old history that goes way back to the Middle Ages. Under Arab rule, in the 18th century, Coimbra became an important and strategic node from a commercial point of view, because the south was ruled by the Moors and the north was under Christianity rule.

The city is very picturesque, its narrow streets inviting you to discover their charm and uniqueness. The main attractions of the city are the old University of Coimbra, the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, the Roman Aqueduct, but also a wide variety of museums, including the Military Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Academic Museum, the Museum of Anthropology and many more.


Located in the Leiria District, the town of Obidos dominates the hill where it is located, having an impressive fortified defensive wall around it. The old medieval town stands out by its streets, squares, houses and fortifications specific to Middle Ages, making Obidos a highly frequented tourist attraction.

The star of the city is the imposing castle of the city, being considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal. Another star is Praia D'El Rey hotel, a top destination for golf enthusiasts. The fame of city is also thanks to the famous cherry liqueur - Ginjinha.


Located west of Lisbon, Cascais has evolved from a small fishing port to a real spa resort and, due to the development of tourism, is one of the richest municipalities in Portugal. Cascais is easily accessible by road. In the immediate vicinity, there are the beaches with fine sand, some having a charming, isolated appearance. Also this area is known as the marina for yachts.

The old city center is very picturesque, with narrow, charming streets. Here are waiting to be discovered many very interesting tourist attractions, such as the Conde Castro Guimaraes Museum, the ruins of a former castle, as well as numerous parks and green spaces, where you can relax and admire the beauty of the scenery.

Outside the nearby beaches, the shore is rocky in places, creating spectacular shapes, true natural wonders, such as Boca do Inferno (Hell's Mouth). It's popular for practicing different water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sea cruises, but it is also a famous destination for golfers.


Having a special atmosphere, Fatima is a city that in one way or another preserves a rich history and its defining elements. If you are fascinated by history, once you pass the gate of this city you will enter a world where you can get in touch with the past in a direct and personal way.

It is said that in May 1917, the Virgin Mary appeared here in front of 3 poor children, on the Cova da Iria field and foretold some of the important events of mankind, the vision appearing to the children every 13th day from May to October. For a long time they were not believed, but after the predictions were fulfilled, they were sanctified posthumously and that is the place where the Basilica of Nossa Senhora de Fátima was built.

After this event, Fátima has become a holy place of prayer and destination for religious pilgrimages that take place in Portugal every year.


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