6 Best Places to Visit in Zakynthos, Greece

Europe Sep 12, 2021

Being a part of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is truly the place that will amaze you with its idyllic landscapes and the seemingly unreal turquoise water will make to want to revisit the island.

Of all Greece, Zakynthos is the sunniest, and the chances of rain are minimal starting with May and until the end of September (successful holiday guaranteed). The mild Mediterranean climate together with the humidity and the rains that arrive here only in winter have created in green landscapes, that abound in lush vegetation and a varied fauna.

There are many places to visit on the island and you will definitely not get bored, so to make it easier for you to organize your trip, I made a list of the best  6 attractions not to miss in Zakynthos:

1. Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach Panorama - Image by Great2Travel from Pixabay

Navagio Beach has been included in Top 10 - The most beautiful beaches in the world and you will surely be impressed by it.

Navagio Beach (translated as wreck) is a small secluded bay on the north west coast of Zakynthos island. The name of the beach was given a long time ago when a ship coming from Turkey, in 1980, loaded with smuggled cigarettes, got stuck in the sand on the beach as a result of its pursuit by the coast guard ships.

Access to the beach is only possible by boat on the sea, but you can check its panorama from above, and there is also a furnished balcony with safety nets from where you can admire this treasure of Zakynthos Island.

If you decide to visit the beach by sea and rent a boat or book an optional excursion, you will be able to admire not only Navagio Beach, but the entire wild coast of the island. Usually you can spend about 60 minutes on this beach, given the large flow of tourists who visit it daily.

Check out below a cruise trip which will take you to see the legendary shipwreck up close:

Zakynthos: Shipwreck Beach Boat Tour from Porto Vromi
Cruise to one of the most famous beaches in the world and get dropped off at the magnificent Navagio Beach in Zakynthos. See the legendary shipwreck up close, and get the option to stay longer at the beach if you choose.

2. Cameo Island

Cameo Island - Photo by Kevin Charit on Unsplash

Cameo Island is a miniature paradise in the Gulf of Laganas , and access to this place is made on a wooden bridge. The water is crystal clear, perfect for snorkeling. You will also find bars, open both day and night. Drinks can be purchased from the stone bar, while summer music hits can be heard in the background.

The sea breeze, the view of Laganas resort, the Greek music and the white canvases specific to Cameo island fluttering in the wind, create an atmosphere that you will not soon forget.

3. Marathonisi or Turtle Island

Marathonisi Island - Photo by Andreas Weilguny on Unsplash

Marathonisi is also called Turtle Island, due to the fact that the island has the shape of a turtle and it is an essential breeding ground for the sea turtles.

Considered a paradise for both turtles and tourists, the island has a natural charm, without shops or taverns, being accessible only by boat. You can explore the two spectacular caves on the island through the water full of fish or you can go to the beach or visit the surroundings.

It is not excluded that in the water you can see the special Caretta-Caretta turtles, the pride of Zakynthos island , a part of Marathonisi Island being the natural habitat in which they lay their eggs.

You can book an eco-friendly turtle spotting tour on a glass-bottomed boat below:

Zakynthos: Turtle Spotting Cruise on a Glass-Bottom Boat
Take unique photos of turtles at a close distance as you sail through the crystal clear waters off the coast of Zakynthos on a glass-bottomed boat. Explore the amazing Keri caves and cross the famous Arches from underneath.

4. Blue Caves

Blue Caves - Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

The north coast of the island is dotted with caves, each being more spectacular than the other.  The water in these bays has a depth of over 5m and has an unreal color and clarity, its blue color being majestically reflected on the rock walls, hence the name "Blue Caves".

The largest and easiest cave to visit, with possible inside access also by sea, is the Kianoun Cave, many boats being available for rent in the town port.

If you have ventured down to there, do not miss a visit to Skinari, a quiet village, perched on the rocks, which offers you the chance to admire two old flour mills and a charming lighthouse, but also to capture dreamy panoramas of the Blue Caves.

5. Zakynthos (Zante) Town

Zante Town - Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

All roads lead to the island's capital, Zante Town, a small, seaside town. The port of Zakynthos is full of luxury boats, fully admired by tourists, from time to time appearing also huge ferries, eclipsing the view.

Among the many things to do in this city, you can also visit the Cathedral of St. Dionysius (the protector of the island), admire the beautiful panoramic from Bohali Hill, situated 1,5 km right above the town, shop (outside the range 12-17, when the shops are closed) or take meal at one of the Greek taverns and try also "frigania", a delicious local dessert.

6. Keri Lighthouse

Keri Lighthouse - Photo by Anastasius on Unsplash

Keri is one of the few places that escaped the 1953 earthquake without massive destruction. An asphalt road climbs to the village, where you can stop to visit the old church. The road through Keri is steep and with one lane, so drive carefully.

After you check the traditional houses, you must head for Keri Lighthouse, where you can admire the beautiful panorama while also enjoying your food at the restaurant located 150 meters above the blue sea under the pine trees.


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