5 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Bucharest

Europe May 14, 2021

The sunset is magical and you can enjoy it in some of the most beautiful places in Bucharest. Below you will find some really special locations.

1. Linea/ Closer to the Moon

It is a restaurant on the rooftop of a building on Calea Victoriei. Located in the heart of the city, Linea / Closer to the Moon offers a great sunset view. In summer you can sit at the tastefully arranged tables, and in the cold season special igloos are installed, which offer comfort and do not disturb the view of the city. Linea is clearly a place to visit in Bucharest, considering that most public figures have at least one instagramable photo there.

Linea/ Closer to the Moon Sunset View - source: zilesinopti.ro

2. King Mihai I Park

Known to residents as Herăstrău Park, it is perhaps the most visited place during the summer. The central attraction is the boats surrounding Herastrau Lake and offers an unforgettable sunset view. If you do not want a boat ride on the water, then you have almost 6 km of alleys around the lake. King Mihai I Park was built in 1936, on the shores of a lake that is part of the anthropic chain of the Colentina River. If you have not been there before, then you must hurry, because it is clearly one of the most special places to see in Bucharest.

Herastrau Sunset View - Image by Cosmin Nedelcu from Pixabay

3. The Arch Of Triumph

The Arch Of Triumph is an emblematic monument for Bucharest, being the symbol of Romania's victory in the First World War, when all the territories occupied by the Romanians were united. It can be admired very well from the outside, but the really interesting part is the top. You can climb there to the top, and at sunset you can see a warm reddish view over the northern part of the Capital.

Bucharest Arch of Triumph Sunset View

4. The Dâmbovița River

The Dâmbovița River flows through the Capital over a distance of 22 km. Along the banks of the Dâmbovița River there are many terraces and restaurants. At sunset, the orange-red color is reflected in the river water, and the view is truly magical. Therefore, Dâmbovița Quay is part of the perfect list of places to visit in the evening in Bucharest.

Sunset on Dambovita River - photo: Alexandra Gogu

5. The island on the Morii Lake

Morii Lake is an artificial lake created by the communist authorities to prevent the spills of Dâmbovița river.
The area is animated at sunset, especially those from Crangasi neighborhood come here for jogging or riding a bicycle. Some of them are even fishing.

Sunset on Morii Lake - photo: Mihai Raducanu


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