Greece is Open for Vaccinated Travellers - Visit the Most Beautiful Islands

Europe Jun 03, 2021

Greece has announced that they’ve opened up to vaccinated travellers, no need of presenting negative results of a PCR test, allowing to enter citizens and residents of the European Union and Schengen nations, as well as citizens of several other countries, including Canada and the United States.

Greece is a country that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world, being the destination that never disappoints, regardless of everyone's claims. So, if you have finally decided that you will arrive in Greece this summer, how do you decide  on what island to explore?

Greece has over 2000 islands, one more beautiful than the other, so to make your decision easier, we present you a list of the 5 most beautiful islands in this country.


It is a beautiful island, which attracts the eye through the immaculate white of the buildings and the perfect combination of sea and rocks. Also known as Thera or Thira, the island of Santorini is located in the Aegean Sea and is formed by a volcanic eruption that took place in the 15th century BC.

It does not have a very large area, measuring 73 square km, but it is an island with an intense tourist activity. The capital Fira is special because it is located on the edge of the crater formed by the volcano and is built only of immaculate white buildings, with narrow streets, full of traditional taverns.

Santorini Sunset - Photo by joel protasio on Unsplash
Santorini Sea View - Image by Didiwo from Pixabay


Lefkada is one of the most famous islands in Greece and is located in the Ionian Sea, very close to mainland Greece. Its authentic villages built in the mountains and the white beaches with fine sand and crystal clear water will captivate you irretrievably.

Here you should not miss the famous taverns in the port of Lygia, Vassiliki Beach which is a real paradise for surf lovers or Porto Katsiki beach. Porto Katsiki beach is famous for its wild landscape and is one of the top 10 beaches in Greece.

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada - Photo by Joris Beugels on Unsplash
Lefkada - Photo by Sophie Dale on Unsplash


Zakynthos has a rich history, which blends perfectly with the legends of the place. Preferred by the gods Artemis and Apollo, the island was discovered by Dardanos, king of Troy. Its name comes from Zakynthos, son of Dardanos.

It is an island appreciated by all tourists, because it has really special landscapes, a mild climate and a water with a stunning colour. Many consider Zakynthos to be the most beautiful island in Greece and this is justified by the wonderful landscapes it offers. Those in love with nature will spend the most special moments of their lives here.

A great attraction of this island is the fact that it was rules in turn by Macedonians, Romanians, British, Venetians, French, Italians and Turks, which brings together a lot of cultures and forms a unique identity.

Zakynthos - Photo by Katya Shkiper on Unsplash
Zakynthos - Photo by Julian Timmerman on Unsplash


By far the most famous island in Greece, and this is due to its size and historical richness, Crete is the largest island in Greece and the 5th in Europe. This is a perfect destination for any tourist, regardless of the budget he has, because on the surface of 8400 square km, you can find absolutely everything you could want, from wonderful landscapes to a perfect nightlife for young people.

The island marks the border between Europe and Africa, but even though it is on the edge of Europe, it manages to concentrate most of the Greek essences. So, if you want to know Greece in depth, Crete is a perfect destination, which offers both cultural objectives and the opportunity to have fun or spend time on an exotic beach.

Crete is a place where you can't get bored even if you have a stay that lasts all summer.

Crete - Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash
Crete Tavern - Image by Albrecht Fietz from Pixabay


Corfu proudly bears the name of "Emerald Island of Greece" in the Ionian Sea. Every year, Corfu attracts 1 million tourists and the reasons are very obvious. Corfu Island manages to amaze any visitor, no matter how pretentious it is, being the destination of all social categories and all age categories.

Located 32 km away from the coast of Greece, Corfu is the owner of wonderful beaches, extremely attractive museums, lots of fun and a rich history.

Corfu - Image by darkeyed from Pixabay
Corfu - Image by arshopenby from Pixabay


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