15 Best Travel Places Open for Vaccinated Tourists in the Summer of 2021

Europe Mar 30, 2021

After a year of restricted travel, those who are vaccinated before the summer season may have finally the opportunity to "escape" and visit the continent.

Travel restrictions change in Europe almost every day, but before the start of the summer season all these destinations were intended to relax the restrictions or lift them for vaccinated tourists.

The European Parliament has introduced the idea of digital vaccine passport, which will allow vaccinated EU citizens to travel freely in Europe.

1. Tbilisi, Georgia

Photo by Denis Arslanbekov / Unsplash

Being the safest destination since the summer of 2020, Tbilisi has been opened to vaccinated tourists as soon as the vaccine was available. In Georgia you can travel only with a paper certifying the vaccination with the single dose or two doses vaccine.

2. Iceland

After days of cold, cloud and rain we packed up for our last night in Iceland. We had come to meet Aurora but as many will know it’s not guaranteed. There had been nothing more than a hint of green in the sky for 6 days. But some of the most beautiful things in life happen when we least expect it. As we stared up at this beautiful mountain the sky started to clear and there she was. There’s nothing like it. Watching green waves ripple above you. curving and twisting as if the sky is dancing for you. It’s moments like these that are worth chasing. Worth working for. Worth waiting for.
Photo by Joshua Earle / Unsplash

The first country on the list to implement vaccination passports for its citizens, Iceland is the ideal place for a weekend break or a longer stay.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist / Unsplash

Sweden has used various strategies in its approach to fight COVID-19 and immediately embraced the idea of ​​vaccination passports for tourists, but also for domestic activities. Stockholm is an ideal city for a city break, with cultural, gastronomic attractions and numerous options for outdoor activities.


4. Kos Island

Image by thefixergr from Pixabay

Greece is ready to receive those with vaccination certificates or negative tests for COVID-19 taken no later than 72 hours before arrival. Kos Island is famous for its fine sandy beaches and crystal clear, warm water.

5. Rethymno

Coast Line of Aghios Nikolaos taken from the East side. the central point of the photo is Thief's Cave.It is said that  A thief used to live there at old times.
Nice quiet small beach at 10 minutes east from Agios Nikolaos
Photo by Evangelos Mpikakis / Unsplash

Another great destination in Greece is open, famous for its cultural and gastronomic attractions.

6. Kefalonia

Kefalonia - Mirtos
Photo by George Prentzas / Unsplash

Kefalonia’s restaurants and bars will be open starting with mid-April, and the island has many beaches large enough to maintain social distance.

7. Rhodes Island

Photo by Serhat Beyazkaya / Unsplash

Greece is happy to receive visitors who have been vaccinated, without the need for a quarantine period or a test, and also welcomes tourists with a negative COVID-19 test done in the last 72 hours. Rhodes has medieval ruins as well as beaches and is a great destination for those who love to explore.

8. Athens

Roman Theatre in Athens
Photo by Enric Domas / Unsplash

Athens is a historic city with many monuments and cultural attractions. It is also famous for restaurants and outdoor activities, being a perfect city for a city brak and even a longer holiday.


9. Azores

Swimming in a volcanic crater
Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr / Unsplash

Portugal accepts vaccination passports from other countries and the Azores, being the first archipelago in the world that has a fully vaccinated population, will be a lively destination. Those who are not vaccinated are also received if they provide a negative test.

10. Madeira

Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

Perfect destination for those looking for outdoor activities, Madeira has had a low level of infections throughout the entire pandemic.


11. Canary Islands

Nartural Pool II
Photo by lucas marcou / Unsplash

Spain intends to include vaccination passports in its plans to build travel corridors and will be open to those who are vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 test. The Canary Islands are perfect for those who love the sun, beaches and hiking.

12. Seville

Image by Raw2Jpeg from Pixabay

Spain’s travel corridors allow you to visit Seville with a vaccination certificate. Seville is known for the most beautiful beaches in Spain and stunning castles.


13. Copenhagen

Nyhavn 17
Photo by Nick Karvounis / Unsplash

Denmark has had vaccine passports for its own citizens since February 2021 and will accept those issued in other countries, as well as proof of a negative test. Copenhagen is the perfect place to visit for a city break.

14. Rubjerg Knude

Photo by Sandro Kradolfer / Unsplash

After introducing vaccination passports domestically, for admission to concerts and parties at restaurants, Denmark will gladly receive vaccinated foreigners as well. Rubjerg Knude is one of the major tourist attractions in the country.

15. Cavtat Konavle, Croatia

Photo by Conor Rees / Unsplash

Croatia has kept the infections at a fairly low level and is ready to receive both vaccinated and negative tourists. Cavtat and Konavle region are famous for their blue waters and fantastic food.


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