Canada - Top Experiences in this Land of Action

Central | North America Apr 25, 2021
Population: 37.59 million(2019)
Capital: Ottawa
Languages: English, French
Unit of currency: Canadian Dollar (C$)
Canadians who speak only French: 13.3%
When in Canada, there is always a festival

There's always a festival rocking a street somewhere in Canada and its citizens are very happy to go out, spend money and party. The economy here is thriving, everybody is fortunate, because Canada's oil, diamonds and natural gas has made the Canadian dollar stronger than the American dollar.

But let's be honest, sometimes you get tired of partying and festivals and you just want to sit around, in which case Canada's 3 largest: Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, have you chair waiting. Cosmopolitan, cultures and foodie-filled, they're the places to kick back and crack open a cold one.

Right at the front of the show, some of the best seats in the house and giant canons of confetti go off and make the show so much better.
Photo by Ryan / Unsplash
What can you experience in Canada
  • zipping up the fleece to ski, hike, bike or otherwise soak up the mountains and parklands
  • savouring fine food and drink: in the east, a Parisian-style cafe au lait and chocolate croissant; in the west, sushi or alder-smoked salmon alongside Okanagan Valley wines
  • watching hockey absorbs the evenings - rink-side seats preferred
  • wheeling over the tundra to Hudson Bay's shore to watch huge, playful polar bears hunt seals in Churchill, Manitoba
  • hiking the West Coast Trail, a week-long jaunt on Vancouver Island's wild side, where the raging Pacific smashes the shore and meets a brooding, mist-coated forest
  • kayaking the Northwest Territories' Slave River Rapids, which have 6 times the volume of the Grand Canyon; they froth with O'ahu-sized whitecaps and seethe with Class VI holed
Trip to Banff, AB - Canada
Photo by Bruno Soares / Unsplash
Festivals and events
  • Montreal jazz festival or also known as le Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, it usually has more than 2 million participants and 400 concerts, most of them are outside and free.
  • Usually at the end of July, more than 2000 soldiers storm the plains of Abraham to reenact the bloody battle at Quebec City that decided the history of this country.
  • At the beginning of July, for 9 days, Canadians redirect they attention to the Calgary Stampede. Men and women in tall boots and even taller hats ride bulls, wrestle steers, race chuck wagons and partake of rides and games.
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin / Unsplash
Interesting facts
  • Canada is the world's coldest country, with a frosty average temperature of -5.6°C. Ottawa is the second-chilliest national capital, after Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.
  • The entire population of Canada is less 3 times than Japan, but Canadians get 9.985 million km² to sprawl out in versus to 377,915 km²
  • 53 Aboriginal languages are spoken in Canada, with the 3 most pravalent being Cree, Inuktitut and Ojibwa
  • 15% of the world's diamonds come from Canada, mostly mined from the  Northwest Territories. The country's bauble production ranks 3rd, after Botswana and Russia
In the middle of winter it can be hard to keep active but with a frozen canal and a pair of skates, a lot of fun can be had.
Photo by Randy Laybourne / Unsplash


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